About the 2010 Conference

Since the first Policy History Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, the primary goal behind the conference has been to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars of policy history, American political development, and comparative historical analysis. Conferences bring together scholars from the disciplines of History, Political Science, Law, Sociology and other social sciences. Past conferences have included sessions on international and domestic policy issues from the eighteenth through the twenty-first centuries covering topics as widely variable as social policy, education, economics, trade, foreign affairs, immigration, gender, civil rights, and environmental policy.

The Journal of Policy History and the Institute for Political History are holding the sixth biennial Conference on Policy History at the Hyatt on Capitol Square Hotel in Columbus, Ohio from June 3 to June 6, 2010. Program chairs are Paula Baker, Amy Bridges, and David Robertson.

The 2010 Conference will feature three plenary sessions: 

"A State of War: U.S. Military History as Policy History"-- A Roundtable
Beth Bailey, Temple University
Mark Wilson, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Peter Mansoor, Mershon Center/Ohio State University
Stephen Ortiz, Bowling Green State University
Jonathan Reed Winkler, Wright State University
"The Media and Politics" -- A Roundtable
Richard R. John, Columbia University
Joe Hallett, Senior Editor, The Columbus Dispatch
Paul Starr, Princeton University
"American Economic Crises in Historical Perspective"
David Robertson, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Chair
Michael Bernstein, Tulane University
Robert M. Collins, University of Missouri, Columbia
Monica Prasad, Northwestern University
David M. Hart, George Mason University