Institute for Political History

Founded in 2000 with an initial grant from Thoma H. Critchlow, the Institute for Political History serves to promote civic and academic education of political history and thought. The Institute sponsors the biannual Policy History Conference. IN 2004 and 2007, the Institute established the Hugh Davis Graham Travel Award and the Thomas H. Critchlow Travel Award to provide grants to graduate students and young scholars beginning work in political and policy history.

The Institute is actively involved in civic education projects. As part of its educational mission, the Institute for Political History undertook in 2012 a campaign to support the establishment of the Political History and Leadership program at Arizona State University. 

The Institute for Political History is a non-profit, tax-exepmt foundation. All donations to the Institute and all conference fees are tax-deductible. 


Donald T. Crichlow - President

Matthew C. Sherman - Director of Programs

Roxane Barwick - Director of Public Relations Communications

Amy Wallhermfechtel - Director of Academic Outreach Communications

Patricia Powers - Treasurer


Instutute for Political History | 1 Laude Hills, St. Louis, MO 63132 |