About Us

The Journal of Policy History is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal concerned with the application of historical perspectives to public policy studies. The journal encourages submissions researching the formation and development of public policy, in which diverse methods and theories are applied to public policy and politics within a historical perspective. While seeking to inform scholars interested in policy history, the journal also seeks to inform policy makers through a historical approach to public policy.
On these pages you can find information about how to submit manuscripts to the Journal of Policy History, the contents of past issues, the editors and editorial board, past and future Policy History Conferences, as well as other information about the journal.


An article submitted by Susan M. Reverby to the Journal on U.S. public health doctors who deliberately infected Guatemalans with syphillis in order to study the effectiveness of penicillin was recently featured in the New York Times. It has also been featured in Patricia J. Williams' column Diary of a Mad Law Professor in the October 25 issue of The Nation.


Published through the cooperation of the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Arizona State University, the Institute for Political History, and Cambridge University Press, the Journal of Policy History gives voice to scholars pursuing the study of public policy in the United States and other nations, focusing on the following:

- Policy origins and development through historical inquiry

- Historical analysis of specific policy areas and policy institutions

- Explorations of continuities and shifts in policy over time.

- Interdisciplinary research into public policy

-Comparative historical approaches to the development of public policy 


Subscriptions to the Journal of Policy History are $61./year for individuals in North America. Institutional subscriptions print and online are $233. in North America. Visit Cambridge University Press for additional subscription information or to subscribe on-line.