Current Issue

Volume 25, Number 4 (Autumn 2013)

Peri E. Arnold
What Bonded Immigrants to Machines? The Case of Jacob Arevy and Chicago’s 24th Ward

Philip Abbott
The ‘Bobby Problem’: Intra-Party Presidential Rivalry and Factional Challenges

David Fletcher
Government Boundary Mapping Policy and the Knowledge Apparatus of the British State, 1841-89”

Erik Lindberg
From Private to Public Provision of Public Goods: English Lighthouses between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries

James Longhurst
The Sidepath Not Taken: Bicycles, Taxes and the Rhetoric of the Public Good in the 1890s

David Torstensson
Beyond the City: Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty in Rural America

Patrik Marier
A Swedish Welfare State in North America? The Creation and Expansion of the Saskatchewan Welfare State, 1944-1982

Mark J. Rozell and Mitchel A. Sollenberger
The Origins and Development of Executive Branch Czars

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