Current Issue

Volume 26, Number 3 (Summer 2014)


Special Issue: American Disaster Politics

Gareth Davies, Editor



GARETH DAVIES                                                                                                              

 Introduction: The American Politics of Disaster from the Civil War to the Present


GARETH DAVIES                                                                                                                          

The Emergence of a National Politics of Disaster, 1865-1900


SCOTT GABRIEL KNOWLES and HOWARD C. KUNREUTHER                               

Calming the Waters: The National Flood Insurance Program in
Historical Perspective


PATRICK S. ROBERTS                                                                                                      

Lessons of Civil Defense Federalism for the Homeland Security Era


MARIAN MOSER JONES                                                                                                  

Tempest in the Forbidden City: Racism, Violence, and
Vulnerability in the 1926 Miami Hurricane


ANDREW MORRIS                                                                                                            

Hurricane Camille and the New Politics of Federal Disaster
Relief, 1965-1970


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